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The Museum of Work, or Arbetets museum, is a museum located in Norrköping, Sweden. The museum can be found in the 20th century building The Iron in the Motala ström river in central Norrköping.

Norrköping City Museum (Stadsmuseet)- is a municipal museum institution with the task of managing, nurturing and communicating the local cultural heritage. The main business of the business is the municipality of Norrköping.


Lövstad Castle is a château situated near Norrköping, the province of Östergötland, in Sweden. The name is sometimes spelled Löfstad, which is according to old Swedish spelling rules.

Norrköping Art Museum is a Swedish Municipal Art Museum. Norrköping Art Museum was designed by the architect Kurt von Schmalensee and is located at Kristinaplatsen . The Art Museum has a large collection of Swedish art with a focus on Swedish modernism .

Gallery Crown and KIFiN– The gallery’s bright exhibition rooms show artists from all over Sweden – as well as artists related to the county and the association KIFiN. Do not miss the highlight of the month – gallery concerts and screening on the city’s galleries.